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Columnist Ahmet Yavuz from milli Gazete newspaper said in his column on Monday, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government accused party fails to June 7 elections Ray Ban brand of replica oakleys for sale sunglasses.
According to Yavuz, followed by the AK Party best replica oakleys failed to get enough votes to form a government party, the party's base to send notifications to the youth branch of the district, saying that Member States should avoid wearing sunglasses, pocket square and the shoes are "They seem to be too cool of, and caused [negative] reaction. "
"AK Party, which adds three elections best replica oakleys before it votes, lost 9 percent in this election, even though the party out of the election, everyone expected something to blame defeat on. Some people say that the arrogance of some people say that corruption, some people say degeneration, some people say [presidential] palace. "columnist, said Le Pen finally landed in the subject as cheap replica oakleys a defeat for the party of the accused.
A report published by the Taraf newspaper also said that the list of possible causes of the AK Party provincial organization replica oakleys free shipping prepared for the AK Party ballot decline. According to reports, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's statements, such as "Kobanî about cheap replica oakleys free shipping to fall" when the Islamic countries (ISIL) attack Ain Syrian Arab Kurds in Iraq and the Levant small town, and Deputy Prime Minister YALÇINAkdoğan argument, it will be "super" If People's Democratic Party (HDP) failed to pass the electoral threshold, it is one of the most important reason given by the AK Party replica oakley sunglasses failed in the election.
The list also includes a lack of sensitivity to religious issues and noon minaret of delay, or in the southern province of Karaman call to prayer, because one of the reasons a campaign rally in the Prime Minister's Ahmet replica oakleys Davutoglu.
The report noted that the provincial organization accused the party of government in their ballots replica oakleys uk nine percent decline, while the government accused Mr. Erdogan.