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Wear sunglasses can help vision in later life, the study found
When we think of exfoliating, we usually think of facial scrub and wholesale oakley sunglasses loofah rubbed off dead skin cells, but there is another exfoliating: Hazardous eyes, increasing the risk of cataracts, glaucoma, as we age. A recent study carried out in Boston and Israel show, wearing sunglasses can prevent important way called exfoliation cheap wholesale oakley sunglasses syndrome conditions.

The study published Thursday in wholesale sunglasses oakley JAMA Ophthalmology, found that the incidence of exfoliation syndrome with latitude and race. Those of European descent who live far from the equator, the higher the risk. In Iceland, for example, 20% of people by developing their 80 compared to Americans about 4% of the time exfoliation syndrome, according to study leader Dr. Louis Pasquale, director of glaucoma service wholesale oakley sunglasses us quality ophthalmology, otology hospital.
But those faces in Boston and elsewhere in New England with a higher risk than those in the south. "The sun's rays are more damaging further north," Pasquale explains, "because the sun is lower in the sky, there are more opportunities to wholesale oakley sunglasses suppliers rebound to the upper surface of the eye."

People who work a highly reflective snow or surrounded by water outdoors - would like lifeguards, ski instructor, and fishermen - have to develop exfoliation syndrome, a new study found the risk nearly four times. This finding. Study of 118 cases diagnosed as wholesale oakley sunglasses china the syndrome of the masses eyes and ears, and 67 cases of diagnosed medical records in Israel, and with the record of the same age healthy counterparts were compared.
When the whitish material accumulation in the eye lens and the eye wholesale authentic oakley sunglasses movement occurs rubbed exfoliation syndrome. The material - which may lead to the accumulation of UV radiation - clogs the drainage system of the eye, increased pressure in the eye. This greatly increases the possibility of the primary cause of glaucoma, blindness. It also increases the risk of cataracts and complex real oakley sunglasses wholesale surgical resection.
To take measures to reduce the damage of sunlight on the eyes is the key, Pasquale said. The study found that Americans who regularly oakley sunglass wholesale wear sunglasses when outdoors danger infected than those who did not decrease. In his view, the most likely damage before oakley wholesale sunglasses sale the completion of 25 years' parents who have children who are lifeguards should ensure that they always wear sunglasses, "he advised. Skiers should wear tinted glasses UV protection.

Pretty Green launch of sunglasses, oakley wholesale sunglasses just in time for spring
In the past few seasons Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green label has been busy expanding its proven rock star style to new areas. Release tweed, and put its first fashion show in London, Series M (the front row John Hurt), the brand is now oakley sunglasses wholesale increasingly shady.

Pretty Green this month launched its first series of sunglasses are retro shape throwback to the sixties and seventies - the Golden Age of paisley psychedelic and continue to push the main costume design oakley sunglasses parts wholesale direction.
The most important is that these four styles offer will have you covered no matter what your face shape, providing both round and square frames, each in two colors - even though our favorite brand of reference must be green oakley sunglasses cheap wholesale to smoked glass lenses.