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There is an old Yiddish expression Dongcheng my grandmother Ida liked: "When good luck occurred, presented a seat" luck happen. My family have been loyal customers Moscot glasses nearly 100 of its more than 100 years; I wear glasses old father, knockoff oakleys no one will buy, grandparents bought there when they need Moscot prescription reading glasses, like I do now
I sat OST, a trendy new cafe on the street I was very untrendy, when the knockoff oakleys free shipping old Stuyvesant High School students wearing fashionable glasses away. This in the end is Moss Lipow doing here? Moss proved to have been moved into an apartment, from where knock off oakleys oil rig my grandmother (and nanny) stayed one door down, a block away from me. In high school I had had unconventional personnel from dozens, but still knockoff oakleys for sale quirky creativity stand out. With his spectacles and drama dramatic narration, Moss may have stood in the most. After going to film school at New York University, he turned to design, bringing drama celebrity glasses. His work graces David Bowie, Elton John and Lady Gaga's eyes, and he recently wrote an art book based on his personal knockoff oakley sunglasses cheap collection: "Glasses: Visual History" He asked me to work. I told him my idea of ​​writing something about Moscot.
Moss really know what is the East as in the 1970s, back when Abe Beem was knockoff oakley sunglasses wholesale the mayor, in the future, when President Gerald Ford told the bankruptcy of New York, as the New York Daily News put it gently, "Go to hell. ʱ??
Delancey Street is to go down the street on a fluke when I was a kid, and had a knockoff oakley sunglasses uk terrible smell, especially in 1975, the infamous garbage strike in the 1980s, crack lords rule the streets. There is no four-star luxury hotel or $ 14 lobster roll, the old Lower East Side Jewish grandmother will turn over their graves. Now, to find a possibility cherry blintzes good dairy restaurant is looking for work public Knockoff Oakley Radar Range Sunglasses telephone. Pickles wrapped Manchester Street area is just a pickle shop. My grandmother and grandmother Moss - they will continue to have very Duojibuzi, if they can see East in 2015, and later became Moscot small upstairs shop.

Moss touched his stylish black frame of his own design ("Double M"), and Knockoff Oakleys Sunglasses 2015 with him early in the 1980s, our enthusiasm declare English class, breath and said: "Moscots able to take this neighborhood character, a whole historical era Jews, and make relevant: a comfortable brand, and try to spin it changed its name to what is cool, you always have that makes it cool and put it to the world it is not Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses Online easy. A great story optics history! Moscot get heimish cool. Four generations ...... Harvey now runs it. His brother Kenny is a good friend. He can shift right. melanoma. He was calm and kind. I miss him. "

It is not easy to get a reservation Harvey Moscot in his 14th Street Buy knockoff Oakleys flagship office five stores (there are three in New York City, two in Asia). Harvey, who bear a lot of financial responsibility, his late brother Kenny Moscot, business school graduates, who supervised the optometrist. In a hot afternoon, we sat in a heavily air-conditioned room filled with old family photos, and optical tools buy knockoff oakley uk from the past, and many celebrities Moscot framework, including Martin Scorsese, John Waters and plug Samuel Jackson's photos.
When we pick up a good talk, Harvey explained that he would have to cut cheap knockoff oakley uk the interview short photo opportunity. A car was driven into his shop - Limited Edition Daimler smart fortwo edition Moscot black and yellow interior details, the brand's signature color. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment Moscot, we have made 100 of discount knockoff oakley uk these cars.